Mythryl Sourcecode Tarball Download

Mythryl is currently supported only on 32-bit x86 Linux. (Volunteer ports to other platforms are welcome!) Your best bet is Debian "stable" (the development platform) or failing that Debian derivatives such as Ubuntu or gNewSense, but any 32-bit x86 Linux should serve without undue trouble.

Release 7.2.0 mythryl7.110.58-2015-12-06-08.09.44.tar.bz2 (md5sum 535b668967f05900774d0f78e7756776) is the latest stable release, incorporating 2.5 year's work on the widget infrastructure and widgets layer, including emacs-like concurrent editing support and a few final tweaks to the syntax such as making \012 escapes be octal instead of decimal, as expected by the mainstream. Click here to download it.

Informal 2014-04-22 snapshot (md5sum b23fa392440d76a1cb4ef6fef37a44d8) is here. This is not a formal release!

Release 7.1.0 mythryl7.110.58-2013-04-13-13.50.08.tar.bz2 is here.

Release 7.0.0 mythryl7.110.58-2013-03-12-15.37.49.tar.bz2 is here.
Non-release 6.2.187 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2012-09-11-07.49.53.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 6.2.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2012-03-24-21.20.36.tar.bz2 is here
Release 6.1.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-11-30-23.31.31.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 6.0.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-10-15-02.45.49.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 5.3.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-10-01-06.01.04.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 5.2.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-29-20.11.35.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 5.1.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-27-01.27.54.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 5.0.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-17-13.02.52.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 4.2.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-06-04.12.17.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 4.0.1 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-03-12.42.31.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 4.0.0 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-08-04-00.23.13.tar.bz2 is here.
Release 3.0.2 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2009-09-07-11.47.45.tar.bz2 is here.

The downloaded tarball is a tar archive compressed using bzip2. On most systems you can uncompress it by doing

myprompt% tar -xjf mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-17-13.02.52.tar.bz2

If your system does not use GNU tar, you may need to uncompress and unpack separately:

myprompt% bunzip2 mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-17-13.02.52.tar.bz2
myprompt% tar -xf mythryl7.110.58-dist-2011-09-17-13.02.52.tar
Either way, you will wind up with a mythryl7.110.58 directory containing the system source code plus seed binaries (needed because the compiler is self-compiling).

The mythryl7.110.58/README file documents the rest of the installation procedure.

For general information about Mythryl, see the online documentation.

Cynbe ru Taren
Last modified: Tue Apr 22 22:37:15 CDT 2014