5.2.5  Arithmetic

Mythryl arithmetic operations are written much as in C.

The most notable difference is that Mythryl is more sensitive to the presence or absence of white space. For example a-b and a -b are the same in C, but in Mythryl the former dash designates subtraction and the latter dash unary negation:

    a = 10;
    b = 3;
    printf "%d\n" (a-b);
    printf "%d %d\n" a -b;
    printf "*  %d\n" (a*b);
    printf "/  %d\n" (a/b);
    printf "+  %d\n" (a+b);
    printf "|  %d\n" (a|b);
    printf "^  %d\n" (a^b);

When run this produces

    linux$ ./my-script
    10 -3
    *  30
    /  3
    +  13
    |  11
    ^  9

(The last two are respectively inclusive-or and exclusive-or, taken from C; if you are not familiar with them, don’t worry about them.)

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