14.4.8  Cpu_Bound_Task_Hostthreads

The standard library Cpu_Bound_Task_Hostthreads api defines access to hostthreads which offload CPU-intensive computations from the main threadkit hostthread.

The Cpu_Bound_Task_Hostthreads api is implemented by the cpu_bound_task_hostthreads package.

The Cpu_Bound_Task_Hostthreads api source code is in src/lib/std/src/hostthread/cpu-bound-task-hostthreads.api.

See also: Io_Bound_Task_Hostthreads.

See also: Io_Wait_Hostthread. The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    get_count_of_live_hostthreads : Void -> Int;
    change_number_of_server_hostthreads_to : String -> Int -> Void;
    Do_Echo  = {reply:String -> Void, what:String};
    echo : Do_Echo -> Void;
    do : (Void -> Void) -> Void;
    is_doing_useful_work : Void -> Bool;};

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