1.13  Fun!

Working with the best tools brings out the best in anyone.

In the jargon of the field, Mythryl is “Higer-Order Typed”. That is abbreviated — HOT!

Every driver loves a hot car; every hacker loves a hot language.

When the tools are part of the solution instead of part of the problem, one can concentrate on the creative issues of creating insanely great software — and that’s where the fun is!

C++, Java, Python, Perl, Php and Ruby are all based on software technology dating back to 1972. Switching from one of them to Mythryl means leaping forward thirty years to thoroughly modern technology, yielding a quantum jump in expressiveness and flexibility.

To anyone who loves hacking, the new vistas opened up are breathtaking, and exploring them puts the magic and wonder back in hacking.

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