14.4.31  Int_Chartype

The standard library Int_Chartype api defines C-style predicates on characters. This is modelled after the Unix C libraries. Each predicate comes in two forms; one that works on integers, and one that works on an arbitrary character in a string. The meanings of these predicates are documented in Section 3 of the Unix manual.

The Int_Chartype api is implemented by the int_chartype package.

The Int_Chartype api source code is in src/lib/std/src/int-chartype.api.

See also: String_Chartype.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    is_alpha : Int -> Bool;
    is_upper : Int -> Bool;
    is_lower : Int -> Bool;
    is_digit : Int -> Bool;
    is_hex_digit : Int -> Bool;
    is_alphanumeric : Int -> Bool;
    is_space : Int -> Bool;
    is_punct : Int -> Bool;
    is_print : Int -> Bool;
    is_cntrl : Int -> Bool;
    is_ascii : Int -> Bool;
    is_graph : Int -> Bool;
    to_ascii : Int -> Int;
    to_upper : Int -> Int;
    to_lower : Int -> Int;};

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