14.5.24  Mythryl_Compiler_Compiler

The standard library Mythryl_Compiler_Compiler api defines access to dedicated functionality for building the Mythryl compiler itself.

The Mythryl_Compiler_Compiler api is implemented by the mythryl_compiler_compiler_for_this_platform package.

The Mythryl_Compiler_Compiler api source code is in src/lib/core/internal/mythryl-compiler-compiler.api. The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    make_mythryl_compiler' : Null_Or(String ) -> Bool;
    make_mythryl_compiler : Void -> Bool;
    find_makelib_preprocessor_symbol : String -> {get:Void -> Null_Or(Int ), set:Null_Or(Int ) -> Void};};

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