8.3  Mythryx

A wider goal is to foster the development of a complete mostly-functional software ecology to eventually replace the current C-based open source software ecology, which is starting to smell distinctly “past pull date”.

When it grows large enough, this effort will be split off as, but for now work on this is folded into the main Mythryl distribution.

An initial prime focus of this effort is the development of a complete set of internet daemons written in Mythryl:

These constitute low-hanging fruit because typesafe implementations of daemons directly exposed to the Internet are inherently more secure than daemons written in C, and attract significant interest and uptake on security grounds alone.

Careful coding to take advantage of the type system, as for example using types to maintain a firewall between untrusted strings of external origin and trusted strings of internal origin (in the spirit of Perl’s taint mechanism, but without the runtime penalty) can increase this architectural security advantage relative to C.

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