8.1  Overview

“For I dipped into the future,
          far as human eye could see,
  Saw the Vision of the world,
          and all the wonder that would be;
  Saw the heavens fill with commerce,
          argosies of magic sails,
  Pilots of the purple twilight,
          dropping down with costly bales;”

                         —Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 1842

Mythryl’s primary project goal is to provide a stable open-source production-quality POSIX-flavored mostly-functional software development platform, developed by working programmers for working programmers.

To that end, changes to the core language and library functionality are in general made only when there exists prior art providing compelling evidence of substantial benefit to working programmers.

Developing such prior art is not the business of the Mythryl project, but rather of research projects such as SML/NJ: The cardinal virtues of production software platforms are not brilliance and innovation, but rather stability and predictability. Working programmers want their compilers to just do the job. Quietly, unobtrusively, and above all dependably.

(So don’t be offended if we don’t immediately incorporate your latest wiz-bang bleeding-edge patch!)

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