14.5.30  Picklehash

The compiler Picklehash api defines access to functionality creating and manipulating unique identifiers for compilation units by first serializing and then hashing them. The resulting hash values have a negligible probability of colliding, and thus may be used as a short-hand name for that version of the complete compilation unit.

The Picklehash api is implemented by the picklehash package.

The Picklehash api source code is in src/lib/compiler/front/basics/map/picklehash.api.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    eqtype Picklehash;
    pickle_hash_size : Int;
    compare : (Picklehash , Picklehash) -> Order;
    to_hex : Picklehash -> String;
    from_hex : String -> Null_Or(Picklehash );
    to_bytes : Picklehash -> vector_of_one_byte_unts::Vector;
    from_bytes : vector_of_one_byte_unts::Vector -> Picklehash;};

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