3.1.17  Release 2.0.1

“To err is human — but it feels divine!”

                            — Mae West

Version 2009-08-25-12.40.50.

This is a bugfix minor release. Aurelien pointed out that the Perl-inspired filetest operator mapping was

    -F    is_file
    -D    is_dir
    -P    is_pipe
    -L    is_symlink
    -C    is_char_dev
    -B    is_block_dev
    -S    is_socket
    -R    may_read
    -W    may_write
    -X    may_execute

when due to renaming of the underlying globals the mapping should have been

    -F    isfile
    -D    isdir
    -P    ispipe
    -L    issymlink
    -C    ischardev
    -B    isblockdev
    -S    issocket
    -R    mayread
    -W    maywrite
    -X    mayexecute

Fixed this.

Also fixed typos in the src/app/tut/test/test.pkg and src/app/tut/factor/factor.pkg tutorial examples and many typos and errors in the tutorials, all courtesy of Aurelien’s vigilant proof-reading.

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