16.1.7  Resources

[1] The FLINT project home page is:

[2] A-Normal Form is described in:
    The Essence of Compiling with Fates
    Cormac Flanagan, Amr Sabry, Bruce F Duba, Matthias Felleisen (Rice CSci)
    1993, 11p

[3] Principled Compilation and Scavenging
    Stefan Monnier, 2003 [PhD Thesis, U Montreal] 

    See also Stefan's publications page:

[4] The Standard ML of New Jersy home page is

[5] Compiling Standard ML for Efficient Execution on Modern Machines
    1994 145p Zhong Shao (Princeton PhD thesis under Andrew Appel)

[6] An Implementation of Standard ML Modules
    1988 12p David MacQueen

[7] Standard ML of New Jersey
    1991 13p Andrew W Appel, David B MacQueen

[8] Modern Compiler Implementation in ML:  Basic Techniques
    Andrew W Appel 1997 390p.

[9] MLRISC home page:

[10] A Portable and Optimizing Back End for the SML/NJ Compiler
     Lal George, Florent Guillame, John H Reppy, 1994  18p

[11] MLRISC A Framework for retargetable and optimizing compiler back ends
     Lal George, Allen Leung
     2003 144p

[12] An Overview of the FLINT/ML Compiler
     Zhong Shao (Yale)
     1997, 10p

[13] Separate Compilation for ML
     Andrew W Appel (Princeton), David B MacQueen (Bell Labs)
     1994, 11p

[14] Fate-Passing, Closure-Passing Style
     Andrew W. Appel, Trevor Jim (Bell Labs)
     1988, 11p
         Still provides a good overview of the FPS passes in SML/NJ.

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