14.4.111  Threadkit_Driver_For_Os

The standard library Threadkit_Driver_For_Os api defines the interface to an OS specific module that glues the various OS-specific scheduling operations together (i.e., timeouts, I/O, signals, etc).

The Threadkit_Driver_For_Os api is implemented by the threadkit_driver_for_posix package.

The Threadkit_Driver_For_Os api source code is in src/lib/src/lib/thread-kit/src/posix/threadkit-driver-for-os.api.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    start_threadkit_driver : Void -> Void;
    wake_sleeping_threads_and_schedule_fd_io_and_harvest_dead_subprocesses__iu : Void -> Void;
    block_until_some_thread_becomes_runnable : Void -> Bool;
    stop_threadkit_driver : Void -> Void;};

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