14.5.51  Unparse_Compiler_State

The compiler Unparse_Compiler_State api defines access to state dump functionality supporting debugging and documentation.

Nomenclature: We distinguish syntax tree unparsing, which attempts to regenerate an approximation of original surface-level syntax, from syntax tree prettyprinting, which attempts to display the syntax tree as a datastructure in its own right, with no direct reference to surface sytnax.

The Unparse_Compiler_State api is implemented by the unparse_compiler_state package.

The Unparse_Compiler_State api source code is in src/lib/compiler/front/typer-stuff/symbolmapstack/unparse-compiler-state.api.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    unparse_compiler_state_to_file : String -> Void;
    unparse_compiler_state : ?.standard_prettyprinter::pp::Prettyprinter -> Void;
        unparse_compiler_mapstack_set_reference :
        ?.standard_prettyprinter::pp::Prettyprinter -> compiler_state::Compiler_Mapstack_Set_Jar -> Void;
        unparse_compiler_mapstack_set :
        ?.standard_prettyprinter::pp::Prettyprinter -> compiler_mapstack_set::Compiler_Mapstack_Set -> Void;};

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