13.5.3  collect_all_modtrees_in_symbolmapstack

The compiler collect_all_modtrees_in_symbolmapstack package sweeps over a symbol table (symbolmapstack) collecting all modtree entries and returning the result as a stampmapstack. These entries are created by the unpickler, so the operation is useful only on symboltables produced by the unpickler.

The collect_all_modtrees_in_symbolmapstack package api is specified anonymously inline in the source.

The collect_all_modtrees_in_symbolmapstack package source code is in src/lib/compiler/front/typer-stuff/symbolmapstack/collect-all-modtrees-in-symbolmapstack.pkg.

See also: Stampmapstack.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.


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