13.4.28  geometry2d_float

The standard library geometry2d_float package implements a floating-point version of the basic geometry types and operations from geometry2d api.

The geometry2d_float package currently lacks a proper separate api definition.

The geometry2d_float package source code is in src/lib/std/2d/geometry2d-float.pkg.

See also: geometry2d package. The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    bound_box : List({x:Float, y:Float} ) -> Box;
    from_box : {col:Int, high:Int, row:Int, wide:Int} -> Box;
    intersect : (Box , Box) -> Bool;
    lowerright_of_box : Box -> {x:Float, y:Float};
    point_zero : {x:Float, y:Float};
    to_box : Box -> {col:Int, high:Int, row:Int, wide:Int};
    upperleft_of_box : Box -> {x:Float, y:Float};
    Box  = BOX {high:Float, wide:Float, x:Float, y:Float};
    Point  = {x:Float, y:Float};
    Size  = SIZE {high:Float, wide:Float};};

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