13.5.18  inlining_data

The standard library inlining_data package implements the compiler framework for passing around inlining data during typechecking.

The inlining_datal package has no explicit API.

The inlining_data package source code is in src/lib/compiler/front/typer-stuff/basics/inlining-data.pkg.

See also: inlining_mapstack.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    get_inlining_data_for_prettyprinting : Inlining_Data -> (String , type_declaration_types::Typoid);
    is_simple : Inlining_Data -> Bool;
        ref_get_inlining_data_for_prettyprinting :
        Ref((Inlining_Data -> (String , type_declaration_types::Typoid)) );
    select : (Inlining_Data , Int) -> Inlining_Data;
    Inlining_Data  = LEAF Exception | LIST List(Inlining_Data ) | NIL;};

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