13.5.40  raw_syntax

The compiler raw_syntax package implements the Mythryl compiler data structure used to represent raw syntax trees of code under compilation.

A good point from which to start exploring the Mythryl compiler parsing code is src/lib/compiler/front/parser/main/mythryl-parser.pkg.

The raw_syntax package implements the Raw_Syntax API.

The raw_syntax package source code is in src/lib/compiler/front/parser/raw-syntax/raw-syntax.pkg.

See also: deep_syntax package.

See also: anormcode_form package.

The Mythryl grammar specification proper may be found in src/lib/compiler/front/parser/yacc/mythryl.grammar and the matching lexical level specification in src/lib/compiler/front/parser/lex/mythryl.lex.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.


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