13.4.120  redirect_slow_syscalls_via_support_hostthreads

The standard library redirect_slow_syscalls_via_support_hostthreads package implements the internal facility for doing “slow” system calls such as read() and write() in separate support hostthreads (posix threads) instead of in the main Mythryl hostthread. This ensures that the main Mythryl hostthread is never blocked on a kernel call when there is are still user threads which are ready-to-run. Preventing the main Mythryl hostthread from blocking needlessly results in lower-latency applications which seem "faster" to users.

The redirect_slow_syscalls_via_support_hostthreads paackage implements the Redirect_Slow_Syscalls_Via_Support_Hostthreads package.

The redirect_slow_syscalls_via_support_hostthreads api source code is in .

This code implements part of the startup and shutdown sequencing logic coordinated by the run_at package. The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.


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