13.4.176  vector_slice_of_eight_byte_floats

The standard library float64_vector_slice package implements slicing over vector_of_eight_byte_floats instances. This allows constant-time, constant-space references to subvectors within a vector_of_eight_byte_floats.

The float64_vector_slice package implements the Typelocked_Vector_Slice API.

The float64_vector_slice package source code is in src/lib/std/src/vector-slice-of-eight-byte-floats.pkg; the bulk of the actual implementation code may be found in src/lib/std/src/vector-slice.pkg.

See also: vector_of_eight_byte_floats.

See also: vector_slice_of_chars.

See also: rw_vector_slice.

See also: rw_vector_of_one_byte_unts.

See also: rw_vector_slice_of_chars.

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