14.4.35  Io_Now_Possible_Mailop

The standard library Io_Now_Possible_Mailop api defines an internal support facility used by multithreaded Mythryl programs. It is not normally of direct interest to the application programmer.

The Io_Now_Possible_Mailop api is implemented by the io_now_possible_mailop package.

The Io_Now_Possible_Mailop api source code is in src/lib/src/lib/thread-kit/src/core-thread-kit/io-now-possible-mailop.api. The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {   io_now_possible_on' :
        ?.winix_io__premicrothread::Ioplea -> Mailop(?.winix_io__premicrothread::Ioplea_Result );
    add_any_new_fd_io_opportunities_to_run_queue__iu : Void -> Void;
    have_fds_on_io_watch : Void -> Bool;};

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