14.4.36  Io_Startup_And_Shutdown

The standard library Io_Startup_And_Shutdown api defines tracking of open I/O streams, to close them cleanly at exit.

The Io_Startup_And_Shutdown api is implemented by the io_startup_and_shutdown package.

The Io_Startup_And_Shutdown api source code is in src/lib/std/src/io/io-startup-and-shutdown.api.

See also: Io_Startup_And_Shutdown__Premicrothread.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    std_stream_hook : Ref((Void -> Void) );
    note_stream_startup_and_shutdown_actions : (Void -> Void) -> Tag;
    change_stream_startup_and_shutdown_actions : (Tag , (Void -> Void)) -> Void;
    drop_stream_startup_and_shutdown_actions : Tag -> Void;
    io_cleaner : (String , List(When ) , (When -> Void));};

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