5.7.7  Mythryl Invocation

Mythryl code can be run six basic ways:

  1. Mono-file programs can be run script-style by putting a #!/usr/bin/mythryl shebang line at the top and chmod-ing them to be executable.
  2. Multi-file programs may be compiled and run as usual via the compile manager, renamed makelib.
  3. Applications dumped as binary heap images via spawn_to_disk contain #!/usr/bin/mythryl shebang lines allowing direct execution without script wrappers.
  4. One-line expressions may be interactive executed at the Mythryl prompt by invoking my without arguments.
  5. Short expressions may be evaluated at the linux prompt or backquoted from bash scripts etc: my -e ′6!′
  6. Mythryl programs may compile and execute Mythryl expressions on the fly via eval.

Of the six, the first, script-style invocation, is the most generally useful. The second is indispensable for development of large projects, typically in conjunction with the third.

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