14.4.66  Pack_Unt

The standard library Pack_Unt api defines access to functionality for serializing and unserializing unsigned integer values, which is to say, packing and unpacking them from bytestreams.

The Pack_Unt api is implemented by the pack_little_endian_unt16, pack_big_endian_unt16, pack_little_endian_unt1 and pack_big_endian_unt1 packages.

The Pack_Unt api source code is in src/lib/std/src/pack-unt.api.

The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    bytes_per_element : Int;
    is_big_endian : Bool;
    get_vec : (vector_of_one_byte_unts::Vector , Int) -> one_word_unt::Unt;
    get_vec_x : (vector_of_one_byte_unts::Vector , Int) -> one_word_unt::Unt;
    get_rw_vec : (rw_vector_of_one_byte_unts::Rw_Vector , Int) -> one_word_unt::Unt;
    get_rw_vec_x : (rw_vector_of_one_byte_unts::Rw_Vector , Int) -> one_word_unt::Unt;
    set : (rw_vector_of_one_byte_unts::Rw_Vector , Int , one_word_unt::Unt) -> Void;};

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