14.4.80  Process_Deathwatch

The standard library Process_Deathwatch api gives multithreaded Mythryl program access to exit status of host-os subprocesses.

The Process_Deathwatch api is implemented by the process_deathwatch package.

The Process_Deathwatch api source code is in src/lib/src/lib/thread-kit/src/process-deathwatch.api.

See also: Process_Result.

See also: Spawn__Premicrothread.

See also: Spawn. The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    start_child_process_deathwatch : ?.posix_id::Process_Id -> Mailop(?.posix_process::Exit_Status );
    harvest_exit_statuses_of_dead_subprocesses__iu : Void -> Void;
    have_child_processes_on_deathwatch : Void -> Bool;};

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