14.4.99  Spawn

The standard library Spawn api defines access to functionality for conveniently firing up subprocesses for multithreaded Mythryl programs. This functionality is built on top of Posixlib fork functionality; it encapsulates most of the work required to do a useful fork of a subprocess.

The Spawn api is implemented by the spawn package.

The Spawn api source code is in src/lib/std/src/posix/spawn.api.

See also: Posixlib.

See also: Spawn__Premicrothread. The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    spawn_process_in_environment : (String , List(String ) , List(String )) -> Process;
    spawn_process : (String , List(String )) -> Process;
        spawn :
            (String , List(String ))
            ->  {from_stream:winix_text_file_for_posix::Input_Stream, process:Process,
        streams_of :
        Process -> (winix_text_file_for_posix::Input_Stream , winix_text_file_for_posix::Output_Stream);
    reap_mailop : Process -> Mailop(?.posix_process::Exit_Status );
    reap : Process -> ?.posix_process::Exit_Status;
    kill : (Process , interprocess_signals::Signal) -> Void;};

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