14.4.98  Software_Generated_Periodic_Events

The standard library Software_Generated_Periodic_Events api defines access to a facility for calling a user-supplied handler every time a certain number of instructions have been executed. This is done entirely in software, thanks to support and cooperation from the Mythryl compiler and runtime.

The Software_Generated_Periodic_Events api is implemented by the software_generated_periodic_events package.

The Software_Generated_Periodic_Events api source code is in src/lib/std/src/unsafe/software-generated-periodic-events.api.

See also: When.The above information is manually maintained and may contain errors.

api {
    software_generated_periodic_events_switch_refcell__global : Ref(Bool );
        set_software_generated_periodic_event_handler :
        Null_Or((fate::Fate(Void ) -> fate::Fate(Void )) ) -> Void;
        get_software_generated_periodic_event_handler :
        Void -> Null_Or((fate::Fate(Void ) -> fate::Fate(Void )) );
    set_software_generated_periodic_event_interval : Null_Or(Int ) -> Void;
    get_software_generated_periodic_event_interval : Void -> Null_Or(Int );};

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